WOW#1 Enter keywords about any topic and this website will create a ‘word cloud’ using those words. Words that are …

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Tag crowd

Just visited Similar to except you can make a tag crowd out of any webpage, file or text. …

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Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog on my ICT and education learning journey. Yes, it’s a journey and always WILL be a journey. As I have come to discover in the last 6 month particularly- just when you finally start to get your head around something new and think you are almost getting up to date with the latest and greatest in educational technology, something else comes out! Then something else and then something else. So yes, researching educational technologies and keeping up-to-date is a lifelong journey. One that I hope you can share with me.

I have tried many varying forms to share my journey include different blogs, wikis and wegpages. I have finally decided that an edublog is the way to go and will now concentrate all my efforts onto collating my learnings here.

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