You can access my presentations and accompanying resources from the Bastow Masterclass and webinar series below.

2019 Numeracy Webinars

Numeracy Webinar 1- Setting Up the Conditions for Effective Teaching and Learning in Numeracy

  • 0.00 Growth Mindset in Mathematics
  • 45:00 Student engagement + evaluating and diagnosing the ‘symptoms’ of your class/school issues in numeracy instruction
  • 1:13:00 Introduction to the DET Birth to Level 10 Numeracy Guide

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Numeracy Webinar 2- The Building Blocks of Effective Mathematics Lessons

  • 0.00 The four Maths proficiencies
  • 47:35 Vocabulary in the mathematics classroom
  • 1:17:44 Learning intentions and success criteria

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2018 Literacy Masterclasses

Literacy Masterclass 1- Formative Assessment

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Literacy Masterclass 3- Feedback

John Hattie (2012) states that feedback (which he says has an effect size of 0.79, placing it in the top 10 influences on achievement) has an enigma: ‘while feedback is among the most powerful moderators of learning, its effects are among the most variable.’

In this webinar we will examine the elements of effective feedback and look at how feedback, formative assessment and student agency are all interlinked.

We will discuss how teachers can empower students to give and receive feedback that will lead to positive learning outcomes and stronger student ownership of the learning process.

We will look at what the current research is telling us about the provision of effective feedback and combine this with practical examples from Victorian classrooms.

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Literacy Masterclass 4- Oral Language and vocabulary instruction 

Under ‘Metacognitive Strategies’ in the High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS), teachers can find a rarely discussed strategy with an effect size of 0.82: Classroom discussion.

This two-hour webinar explores what the research tells us about the elements and effective use of classroom discussion and how teachers can explicitly teach the speaking and listening components of the English curriculum.

I examine how oral language development can be promoted through classroom discussion, and how this strategy can be applied to targeted vocabulary instruction to support EAL students in their literacy learning.

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